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Honeywell Microswitch

112FW12-4 is a micro

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Environment-proof self-contained proximity sensor enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing, designed to meet the requirements of aerospace, ordnance, marine, mass transit and high performance industrial equipment. Operation by the Eddy Current Killed Oscillator (ECKO) principle, which is used to detect metal objects passing in front of the sensing face. Once a target metal is detected, a trigger signal is produced which is then passed through the output conditioning circuitry to give a high or low output, depending on the sensor application.


  • All Metal Sensing
  • Small housing
  • High level of electronics protection
  • Leadwire or connector termination
  • Factory mutual certified for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D.

Typical Applications

  • Aircraft landing gear
  • Gun turret position control
  • Door and hatch open/closed monitoring

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