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Honeywell Microswitch

1HS6 is a switch hermetically sealed ms25011-4

Datasheet: 1HS6 PDF


MICRO SWITCH™ HS Series hermetically sealed switches are designed for applications where maximum electrical rating and maximum sealing are essential, and where size and weight requirements are less critical. These switches are side-mounted through mounting holes located outside the sealed switching chamber.


  • Hermetically sealed per MIL-PRF-8805, design symbol 5
  • Power load switching capability to 25 A at 28 Vdc
  • Broad temperature tolerance range of -55 C to 125 C [-67 F to 250 F]
  • High temperature construction for use to 149 C [300 F]
  • Not sensitive to changes in altitude or pressure
  • Choice of actuation

Typical Applications

  • Adverse gas or vapor environments
  • Aircraft and helicopters
  • Steam cleaning of food processing machines
  • Moist, dusty, or oily environments
  • Industrial valve control

Pricing & Availibility

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