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Honeywell Microswitch

2AC97-D8 is a switch

Datasheet #1: 2AC97D8 PDF
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MICRO SWITCH™ AC Series Door Switches are used for simple or precision on/off application needs. They enable circuit testing with POWER ON by manually pulling a rod actuator to the maintained-ON position. Closing the door resets the switch.


  • Automatically cuts power when service door or drawer is opened
  • Choice of momentary, maintained or pull-to-cheat actuation
  • Versatile mounting bracket for side or end mounting
  • Current rating ranges from 5 A to 25 A
  • Available with one or two SPDT switches
  • UL recognized versions available
  • Choice of termination

Typical Applications

  • Appliances
  • Vending machines
  • Office equipment
  • Computer/business equipment
  • Test instruments
  • Medical/dental equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • HVAC equipment

Pricing & Availibility

Price: $182.55

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