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3174-20K is a load cell w/tension base 20000lbs lebow

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Honeywell’s cost-effective, general purpose, carbon steel, pancake load cells offer a compact design that features exceptional structural capability to withstand extraneous loads, such as torque, bending movements and side loads combined with a high degree of accuracy for general purpose applications.Designed to measure tension/compression, these load cells have enhanced accuracies up to 0./07% and have measurement ranges from 5 lbs up to 100,000 lbs.Fatigue-resistant and fatigue-rated models for use with applications with extremely high cycle counts are available.Need special modifications or a custom design? Call us to discuss your requirements.


  • Low profile, pancake style
  • Strong carbon steel construction for rugged durability
  • Accuracy ranges up to 0.7%
  • Load ranges from 5 lbs to 100,000lbs
  • Low sensitivity to extraneous loads
  • Low deflection
  • Fatigue-rated and fatigue-resistant options available

Typical Applications

  • Torque
  • Bending movements
  • Side loads
  • General applications

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