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Honeywell Microswitch

AML22CBE2AD is an aml 20 series

Datasheet: AML22CBE2AD PDF


Notice Button caps for MICRO SWITCH™ AML Pushbuttons are sold separately. Please see the links at the left for information on the buttons caps and other AML accessories.


  • Identical to AML21 switches, except furnished with high efficiency LED display.
  • Rectangular LEDs are flush with button surface, providing wide angle indication.
  • Optional diode protection for LEDs.
  • 5 thru 24 Vdc LED devices have an internal resistor to maintain current at nominal 20 mA.
  • UL recognized, CSA certified.
  • LED circuit independent of switch circuit.

Typical Applications

  • Enable control of access to computer peripherals, keyboards, point-of-sale terminals, and security systems which are locked when unattended; and other locations where tampering must be discouraged.

Pricing & Availibility

Price: $56.12

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