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Honeywell Microswitch

BA-3RX717 is a micro switch

Datasheet: BA3RX717 PDF


MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA Series standard basic switches are used for simple or precision on/off application needs.


  • Accepted world-wide standard "Large Basic" switch
  • Low operating force and differential travel
  • Long mechanical life up to 20,000,000 cycles at 95% survival
  • Elongated mounting hole for easier, more accurate mounting
  • Current rating ranges from 15 A to 25 A
  • Choice of actuation, termination and operating characteristics

Typical Applications

  • Irrigation systems
  • Semi-trailer trucks
  • Timing devices
  • Office equipment
  • Test instruments
  • Medical/dental equipment
  • HVAC equipment
  • Manually operated devices
  • Valves

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