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Honeywell Microswitch

BXA3K is a limit switch

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Honeywell explosion proof switches are designed specifically for use in hazardous location applications. The MICRO SWITCH™ BX enclosure is sealed for protection against corrosion, water, dust and oil as defined in NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 13 and IP67 as defined in IEC 529. These enclosures also meet the European Hazardous Locations Designation: EExd IIC T6 category II 2 GD, SIRA 00ATEX 1037X. The entire series BX complies with the European Directive on Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (94/9/EC) commonly referred to as the ATEX Directive. Compliance with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements has been assured by compliance with EN50014 1997 and EN50018 1994.MICRO SWITCH™ BX with conduit types 1/2-14NPT, 3/4-14NPT also meet the North American Hazardous Locations Designation: Class I, Groups B, C and D; Class II, Groups E, F and G and comply with UL Standard: UL 894, CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 25-1966, C22.2 No. 30-M1986. The MICRO SWITCH™ BX is ideal for outdoor use or in adverse environments where a combination of explosion proof plus sealing requirements are needed. To comply with explosion proof requirements the BX has flame paths within the housing, which cool exploding gases below the ignition temperature before they reach explosive gases surrounding the housing. Flame paths on the BX are (1) an extended plunger between the switch cavity and head and (2) the cover-housing threads on the front of the switch.


  • UL, CSA, NEPSI, and European approvals
  • Sealing - applicable portions of IP67 and NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 13
  • Diverse conduit selection for wide range of applications
  • Compatible with LSX
  • Tracking interchangeability with MICRO SWITCH ML-E1 and HDLS
  • Variety of heads and non-sparking actuators
  • 10 A continuous carry electrical rating
  • Choice of silver or gold contacts
  • Internal grounding screw

Typical Applications

  • Control valves and actuators
  • Offshore drilling
  • Grain elevators
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Waste treatment
  • Paint booths
  • Mining conveyors
  • Pulp and paper coating
  • Hazardous waste handling

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