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Honeywell Microswitch

FF-SCAN318E is a safety system


The FF-SCAN modular safety light curtain is designed to enhance application flexibility. This light curtain offers a customized solution for the protection of operators working on dangerous machines. Each catalog listing includes a specific number of sensors, relevant connectors and cable, and the FF-SC10 amplifier. Sensor mounting rails and brackets are highly recommended to facilitate installation.


  • Meets applicable parts of US OSHA 29CFR 1910.212 and RIA 15.06 regulations for Control Reliability
  • Through scan detection system
  • Complete system, ready for installation (amplifier, sensors, plug and cable)
  • Safety amplifier with permanent self-checking, Type 4 according to IEC/EN 61496 - parts 1 & 2
  • EC type examination certificate delivered by the German BG E+MIII
  • Can drive from 2 to 8 multiplexed photoelectric beams
  • Built-in individual beam alignment aid
  • Multiple restart modes available
  • Test input for FSD monitoring

Typical Applications

  • Access protection on palletizing areas
  • Access control of areas containing robots or automatic machines
  • Detection of automatic guided vehicles
  • Ejection control
  • Tool control
  • Reliability of the detection information
  • Thermoforming, agglomerating and molding presses
  • Door control

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