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Honeywell Microswitch

GKLE36PXA2 is a safety limit switch


The GKR/GKL Series Dual Entry Solenoid Key Operated Safety Interlock Switch is designed for use on machinery where instant stop and access to the machinery is either impossible (due to the momentum of the machine) or impractical (due to tool or machine damage or scrapped product if the current machine cycle is interrupted). The switch incorporates a manual override feature that allows removal of the key for emergency access. Key sold separately. A safety lockout device (GKZL2) is available for use with the GKR/GKL Series. The lockout device is designed to prevent a key from being inserted either manually or by the protective guard being closed while maintenance personnel are working on the machine. When inserted, the lockout device may accommodate up to four padlocks to prevent unauthorized removal of the device. UL, CE, CSA, SIL 3 capable.


  • Positive opening operation of normally closed contacts
  • Head on the right side of the switch (GKR) or the left side of the switch (GKL)
  • Separate basic switches for key position and lock status
  • Side or top key entry
  • Unique friction feature for key retention
  • Choice of four heavy duty keys
  • Solenoid power to lock or power to unlock
  • Wide range of solenoid voltages
  • Unique friction feature for key retention
  • Lockout device available
  • Choice of four heavy duty keys (Key sold separately)
  • Available with connectorized versions for automotive customers
  • Available with fluorocarbon-sealed enclosure
  • UL, CSA, CE, BG pending, SIL 3 capable

Typical Applications

  • Hinged or sliding guard doors, screens, protective covers and enclosures on:
  • Machine tools machinery
  • Metalworking machines
  • Special purpose machinery
  • Robotics assembly cells
  • Plastic molding machines

Pricing & Availibility

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