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Honeywell Microswitch

MT-4RV22-A28 is a limit switch

Datasheet: MT4RV22A28 PDF


MICRO SWITCH™ MT Series magnetic blow-out switches are designed to switch high capacity (125 Vdc and 250 Vdc) systems. An integral magnet around the contact gap protects the contacts by deflecting the arc. A vented case allows hot arc gasses to escape promoting longer switch life.


  • Mounting interchangeability with BZ/BA switches
  • Rated for 10 A resistive at 125 Vac/Vdc and 3 A resistive at 250 Vdc
  • Mechanical life of 100,000 cycles at 95% survival
  • Arc-extinguishing design in contact area
  • Arc-resistant case

Typical Applications

  • DC motors
  • Solenoids

Pricing & Availibility

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